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I’m jumping on this before anyone else

Okay so what’s the worst movie ever created? I’ll tell you, it’s called “The Room.” Now I’m sure you’ve either seen it or heard stories about it., so I know its not something very obscure. This movie is the definition of what not to do in making a film. From Poor acting to a down right horrible plot. Tommy Wiseau and many good thoughts about filming in his head but completely failed at displaying them in a manner understandable to a human being.

One little thing that he wanted to do was have a side story for just about every main character in the film. Now if done correctly, it opens our minds to a truer sense of what the film is about and the different views of others. What he got was a bunch of jumbled up, pointless scenes that showed us very little about the characters. For instance, the scene when Danny(or Denny or Dinny or whatever his name actually was) was confronted by the drug dealer demanding money for drugs he bought, was confusing and just frustrating to watch(though very funny at the same time). Before seeing this scene we are given NO clue as to what Danny’s life is like, let alone anything about his character. With no identity, we the audience feel Bathos rather than Pathos, when Danny is put into a conflict.

Another Side Story is that of lisa’s mother. We are meant to see her as Lisa’s consoler; however what we see is some senile hag who constantly repeats herself and says nothing of relevance to the major plot. In one scene she even says that she just found out she had cancer, yet this topic is never once mentioned latter in the film. This little fact again, only creates Bathos for us. Wiseau’s attempts at a great story fell on deaf ears. Again, I must say that this is a brief summary of SOME of the problems found in this film. please feel free to add any other flawed(or just funny) parts t this movie below.

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~ by kevinvelez on October 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “I’m jumping on this before anyone else”

  1. Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

  2. wish I knew how to fix that but I don’t know where to begin

  3. haha XD
    omg the weird thing though is that i actually want to see it. The fact that it’s the worst film ever made is what gives it its cult status.

  4. Well its funny as hell to watch so I don’t blame you for wanting to see it.

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