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Star Wars: Why the Prequel Trilogy sucks

Alright, we all know Star Wars, whether we’ve seen it or not(that goes for you Matt). Now I’m writing this to vent out my rage caused by the disgrace of the last 3 movies made. They suck. And I don’t mean that as a Star Wars fan, I mean that in the way that they are not well written… at all.It’s like George Lucas lost his mind completely!

Let me try not to go too far with this rant, so we’ll start withe the idea of character development. The first 3 movies had cool(Han Solo), lovable(Chewie), and relatable(Luke) characters. Who does the Prequel trilogy have? Padme? Anakin? Jar Jar? These characters aren’t good to say the least! Padme isn’t even known until the end of the 1st movie and is only seen from time to time in the other movies. If you try to think of how to describe Padme’s character, you’ll find it near impossible. There’s no development! As far as Anikan goes, he’s not really relatable in any sense, nor cool or lovable. All he does is whine, that’s it! Now Luke whined a lot in a New Hope, but he grew up! That’s something Anikan failed completely to do. Now Jar Jar….. let’s not even touch that one, lest my eyes and ears start to bleed while typing ALL the reasons why he has ruined Star Wars.

Now we come to story, the Original Trilogy was rich in this. We had a New Hope, which introduced us to the heroes and villains. It got us to connect and feel for these characters. In Empire, These Characters are thrown into a huge mess of problems and they try to overcome them while growing closer together. Finally, in Return of the Jedi are characters reunite and rise up together to ultimately defeat the bad guys. Now this is a good way of writing a story whether you like the movies or not. With Episode one we are introduced to a handful of characters….. who are not ever again involved in the next movies. In Episode two they try to develop Obi Wan and Anakin by down right telling us! In the first 15 minutes of the movie we are told by Obi and Anakin of all the things they did between one and two. This doesn’t work when you are trying to establish a bond between characters! We as the audience need to see this friendship. Instead, every time Anakin is on without Obi, he goes on and on about how he doesn’t like him! Now Episode three is meant to be the struggle between these characters, which does work to an extent. However, there’s no turn around like Return of the Jedi was. It just ends on a bad note and fails to really build up into the Original Trilogy at all.

This is just a brief summary of SOME of the ways the Prequel Trilogy sucks. These are the reasons why they fail as films. For any fan of Star Wars I know you will probably have something else to add, and I encourage it!

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~ by kevinvelez on October 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Star Wars: Why the Prequel Trilogy sucks”

  1. Amen. You can write entire books on why those movies were so horrible.

  2. You could even fill an entire library with them!

  3. I really love how you came to a bunch of film students for this post – perfect place to compare the trilogies. 🙂

  4. that it is, that it is

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